In the News

March 23, 2015
Solarize Energy Announces Financing Vehicle For Small and Medium-sized Portfolios of FIT Projects {Click to Read}


April 19th, 2013
A New Energy System Coming to a Location Near You {Click to Read}


April 5, 2011
Solarize Energy roof-mounted projects under construction surpass the 1 MW mark.


March 31, 2011
Solarize Energy announces agreement for construction of solar PV systems at large sports arena.


March 21, 2011
Solarize Energy launches construction of three roof-mounted solar PV systems on poultry barns near Lucan (north of London).


November 15, 2010
Solarize Energy launches construction of largest roof-mounted solar PV system on an agricultural operation (cattle barns).


November 10, 2010
Solarize Energy announces that Penner Energy Systems (related to Penner Farm Systems) will act as sales representative for Solarize solar systems in West and in Southern Ontario.


May 28, 2010
Solarize Energy Announces Agreement with the Second Largest Cattle Operation in Ontario.


April 8, 2011
Solarize announces the Solarize-ONE Service Package, an all-inclusive unique option covering all aspects of solar PV system operations — a true turnkey service package.


April 6, 2010
Solarize Energy installs the first microFIT project in Brantford.


March 10, 2010
Ontario’s Landmark Green Energy Plan Delivers.


March 1, 2010
Solarize Energy announces its Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agriculture.